Tips for Starting Own My Bpo Business in Delhi

Firms like My BPO Business Delhi can be a role model for other budding entrepreneurs and BPO firms to follow and become eminent names in the industry.



With the tremendous growth potential in the BPO industry, starting an own BPO business is a lucrative proposition. The firm can be started on a small scale from one’s home also and can be expanded to a full-fledged business once the revenue starts flowing in.

Steps for Starting BPO Firm

Starting my BPO business is relatively simpler and it can start from home also. The key steps needed for starting own BPO business are as follows:

Decide on the Type of BPO Service

The first step is to decide the type of BPO services to be offered. The services can be inbound calls, outbound calls, telemarketing, and web-enabled services. The type of services to be offered depends on the expertise of the firm and their preparedness to provide specific type of services to the clients.

Prepare a Business Plan

A detailed business plan needs to be prepared. The business plan will consist of elements like potential clients, projected revenue and sales over a time period, operating and capital expenses, HR expenses, and overall financial projections. The plan serves as a guide for starting the business and making it grow. Preparing a comprehensive business plan reflects the seriousness of the entrepreneur and it is also needed for sanctioning of any business-related loans from financial institutions.

Registration of Company and Compliance with Laws

The next step is to ensure the company registration in compliance with the local and state laws. A consultant can be hired to help with the process of legal compliance and company registration. This helps to ensure that the newly formed company is legally compliant and the business can start.

Procuring Infrastructure and HR

The necessary infrastructure needs to be procured. The required hardware and software should be researched thoroughly before purchasing the same. Initially, the effort should be to procure more value for money infrastructure and as the business expands, higher-end infrastructure can be put in place. The HR should also be recruited in this stage. People with relevant experience and expertise of working in the sector should be hired so that they can start being productive immediately after hiring.


The startup BPO firm should now start to market itself. They can publish small advertisements in newspapers and technological journals to create awareness among potential clients. They can also arrange for walk-ins with the potential clients and make a presentation to them on the services to be offered. Social media platforms should also be explored as successful BPO firms like My BPO Business Facebook and My BPO Business Twitter pages.

Expanding the Business

After the business starts, the next thing to do is to expand it. The firm can take a bigger office and add more clients to their list. They can also invest in better infrastructure and workforce for enhancing productivity.


Starting a BPO is a great way to benefit from the outsourcing boom in the current times. The domain of the BPO should be finalized and the kind of work it will specialize in should be clear. With dedicated resources and infrastructure and a customer-centric approach, the BPO firm can be successful in a short duration. Firms like My BPO Business Delhi can be a role model for other budding entrepreneurs and BPO firms to follow and become eminent names in the industry.

Concerns with my bpo business twitter Outsourcing

A dependable BPO firm like My BPO Business Twitter can enhance the productivity and profitability of clients. However, outsourcing can be dangerous if not done with the correct partner.

my bpo business just dial.jpgIntroduction

Outsourcing has gained popularity the world over. It can save lot of resources for the clients and help them develop their core businesses. A dependable BPO firm like My BPO Business Twitter can enhance the productivity and profitability of clients. However, outsourcing can be dangerous if not done with the correct partner. The article explores the major concerns while outsourcing work to partners.

Key Concerns While Outsourcing

The BPO industry is growing rapidly and offers a convenient and effective means of delivering business outputs at a fraction of the cost. The key concerns while outsourcing work to BPO partners are as follows:


The reliability of the BPO partner is another area of concern. The partner may not have relevant experience and expertise to manage large projects. They may not be able to meet the deadlines which may harm the credibility of the client. The client should evaluate the reliability and dependability of the partner before working with them. Industry leaders like My BPO Business Just Dial have earned a highly reliable name for themselves over the years and are preferred by the clients.

Quality Assurance

The BPO partner should not be perceived as a franchise instead, it is an extension of the client’s business in a different geography. The partner may not have comprehensive quality assurance systems which may not impact on the quality of services being offered by them. The client should conduct a comprehensive off-site and on-site due diligence to assess the quality assurance systems of the partner, before outsourcing any work to them. Reputed agencies and industry leaders like My BPO Business Jobs comply with high levels of quality standards which provides them with a goodwill and client base in the industry.

Data Security

One of the important considerations while outsourcing is to ensure the safety of the data. The BPO partner may or may not have in place a robust data security system in place. This will surely compromise on the client data and can bear major risks for the client. The client should undertake a proper assessment of data security systems at various levels before outsourcing to the partner.

Statutory and Legal Compliance

If the partner does not comply with the necessary statutory and legal compliances then the client may be held responsible for non-compliance and violation of laws. The clients should verify that the partner has all the necessary compliances before entering into any professional association with them.

Impact of Attrition on Work

BPO sector is characterized by high levels of attrition. High attrition has a negative impact on the project and its completion. New manpower needs to be hired and trained on the project and client requirement which adversely affects the smooth project execution.

Visibility and Reporting

The BPO partners may not be very transparent and compliant in reporting and timelines. The clients need to ensure that the partners should have internal mechanisms to deliver timely reports and should assign a contact person for coordination during the project cycle.

Work Ethics and Culture Matching with Client

The work culture and ethics of the partner may not match with the clients, which will create seamless interaction and merging of their ideologies. This will negatively affect the client’s reputation and goodwill and the project being executed.


While my bpo business has many advantages, it can prove to be detrimental also when not done correctly. The above-mentioned points will help the clients assess the right partner for them.